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天体望遠鏡や本格双眼鏡、 天体観測・バードウオッチング機材の製造・販売。協栄産業株式会社。昭和34年創業。

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AstroArts(アストロアーツ) ASTRONOMIK(アストロノミック) BENRO(ベンロ) boader planetarium(バーダープラネタリウム) BORG(ボーグ) Canon(キャノン) CELESTRON(セレストロン) CentralDS(セントラルDS)
CORONADO(コロナド) Explore Scientific(エクスプローラー・サイエンティフィック) FLI(Finger Lake Instrument) FUJINON(フジノン) GITZO(ジッツォ) IDAS(アイダス) ioptron(アイオプトロン) jobu design(ジョブデザイン)
Kasai Trading(笠井トレーディング) K-ASTEC(ケー・アステック) Kendrick(ジムケンドリック) Kenko(ケンコー) Kowa(コーワ) KYOEI(キョウエイ) DiGiSCO.com(デジスコドットコム) LAOWA(ラオワ)
Leica(ライカ) LUNT SOLAR SYSTEMS(ラント ソーラー システム) Magellan(マゼラン) Manfrotto(マンフロット) MEADE(ミード) Nikon(ニコン) PENTAX(ペンタックス) QHYCCD
SBIG(エスビーアイジー) SIGHTRON(サイトロン) SkyWatcher(スカイウォッチャー) SLIK(スリック) STEINER(シュタイナー) SWAROVSKI(スワロフスキー) タカハシ(高橋製作所) Tele Vue(テレビュー)
Unitec(ユニテック) Velbon(ベルボン) Vixen(ビクセン) WATEC(ワテック) Wimberley(ウィンバリー) ZEISS(ツァイス) ZWO 取扱いメーカー一覧


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FAQ about International Orders

FAQ about International Orders

1. Do you ship the products to overseas?

Yes, we can ship our original products and other dealing products to most countries.

2. How do I place the order?

You could place the order via email or at our stores.

3. What time is your business hours?

Our store is open from 10:00AM to 7:00PM on Monday through Saturday, except New Year Holiday, but closed on every Sunday.

4. Is international order free shipping charge?

No, the international order is not free shipping charge. The subtotal amount on the shopping cart never includes the freight, shipping charge and handling charges. We use EMS of Japan Post for oversea shipment.

5. Is there the lowest ordering price?

Yes, the lowest ordering price of products for international customers is JYen30,000 per order. If you prefer to place the order whose amount is less than JYen30,000, please let us make a claim of the handling charge which is same price as the difference between JYen30,000 and the amount of your purchasing price of products.

6. When do I have to pay the amount?

You should make the payment within 3 days after receiving our email showing the total amount including the cost of products and all other additional charges.

7. Should I pay the Japanese consumption tax?

No, the international orders are Tax Free either at retail store or on website. For your reference, the current Consumption Tax is 8% of the price of products in Japan.

8. Do I have to pay any customs clearance fee or duties in my country?

Yes, you need to pay the tax, duty, and all other charges in YOUR country, as these charges are not included in our price. We suggest that you should check these costs before placing order.

9. How do you ship the order?

We will ship your order by EMS of Japan Post. We do not use any courier services such as FedEx, UPS and DHL.

10. Can I get the tracking number?

Yes, we will send you the shipping information including the tracking number as soon as shipped to you.

11. How can I pay?

We accept PayPal or Bank Wire Transfer only. In the case of PayPal, you do not have to pay additional fee to us. In the case of the bank wire transfer, it would cost you some fees for banks. We cannot accept any other payment method, e.g. bank check, personal check, etc.

12. How do I pay via PayPal?
You need to own the account of PayPal in precondition. You can use your account only. The shipping address should agree with what is registered on PayPal account to let products be covered with insurance. Let us know you prefer to use PayPal please, we will send you a request of PayPal.

13. How do I pay via Bank Wire Transfer?
Please select the "OUR"(Applicant) instruction in SWIFT instructions. The "OUR" instruction means that you pay all transfer charges, includes the fee of Japan's bank. Then we receive all your payment. If you can select only "SHA"(Share) instead of "OUR", that is, you can pay the bank fee of only your country, please add JYen1500 and send your payment please, because it costs us JYen1500 as "Charge of Inward Remittances". If the bank in your country is not based on "SWIFT", please ask your bank and use local payment method which has the same feature.

14. Can I place a special order?

Yes, we welcome the special order of the product that is not in our stock. However we will make a claim 20% deposit of the price of the product. Please note that the deposit would not be refunded once you prefer to cancel the order later. The balance should be settled after we inform you the product is ready to ship.

15. How long does it take to ship the order?
We will ship your order in 3-5 business days after your payment is completed. You could receive our shipping schedule if the shipment delayed.

16. How should I do if I received the products damaged?

We pack carefully the products, and the shipment is covered by insurance. In the case that the ordered products reach you with damage, please contact immediately to the post office in your area, then contact us by email as soon as possible. This procedure is necessary for you to be applied to the insurance.

17. How should I do if the wrong products reached?

In the case that you received the wrong products or defective one, please contact us by email without delay. We make a sincere effort to solve the problem. However please agree that there are some possibilities you see the slight scratches and dusts on the products that won't affect it. We will recognize such items as the regular products.
In the case you felt some doubt regarding the accuracy or the collimation of the products, we will welcome rechecking it if you send it back with paying the shipping fees. The international shipping fee won't be very cheap. We would like to suggest that you should consider such disadvantages in the international shopping before you place the order to us.

18. Can I return the products to you?

Yes, you could send back the products to us under YOUR expense within SEVEN DAYS after receiving products UNLESS the products used, with or without the defects. However shipping cost for sending back to Japan is paid by customers, might be not reasonable as in domestic dealing. We would like to suggest that you should consider disadvantage of international dealing beforehand enough.

19. I am just out of Japan now. Can I order without paying Japan's tax and specify my home or office in Japan as the shipping address?
No, this purchasing is recognized as a domestic dealing because the last address is in Japan. So you have to pay the consumption tax whether the address is yours, your friend's or the hotel's. If you agree this condition, please order on our shopping cart system designed for domestic customers. We are sorry, Cards from overseas are sometimes not accepted smoothly on our system because this system is designed for domestic, I think.

--- About the Tax-free shopping at our retail store ----

1. I am going to visit Japan. Can I purchase at your physical retail store without paying Japan's consumption tax?

Yes, we are the Tax-free store approved by Japan Tax Office. You can purchase products at our retail store without paying the consumption tax through the correct procedure of Tax-free.

2. How would my purchasing be applied as the Tax-free?

You have to be a temporary visitor to Japan as the precondition. It is not eligible if you are staying in Japan more than six months or working in Japan. Please refer to the site of "The Japan Tax-Free", then bring our store your passport with you. An acceptable passport is not a copy or the other person's, but only an actual yours.

3. How can I pay?
The payment methods at our retail store are Cash and Cards. We welcome JPY only. We are sorry we cannot accept USD or any other currencies. We honor the Credit Cards including VISA, Mastercard, Amex, Diners, JCB, Discover and UnionPay.

4. I am just in Japan but have no time to stop by your shop. Could you apply my order the Tax-free by the Cash on Delivery to my Hotel in Japan?
No, the Cash on Delivery is not allowed as the method of the Tax-free shopping. Please stop by our store because we have to check your actual passport directly if you would prefer the order applied the Tax-free.

More details of the Tax-free shopping at our retail store can be found here.

Can I ask other questions to you?

Yes, please do not hesitate to ask us by email if you have any questions. Thank you !

We are the Tax-Free store

We are the Tax-Free store approved by Japan Tax Office.
You can purchase the products in our stores without paying Japanese Consumption Tax if you show us your passport and you are identified as non-resident in Japan. For your reference, the current Consumption Tax is 8% of the price of products in Japan.


我们已通过日本税务局的免税商店。 如果你告诉我们,你的护照和你认定为非居住在日本,你可以购买的产品在我们的商店无需支付日本消费税。供大家参考,当前消费税是对产品在日本的售价为8%.

우리는 일본 국세청의 승인을 면세 상점입니다. 당신이 우리에게 여권을 제시하고 일본에서 비거주자로 확인하는 경우에는 일본의 소비세를 지불하지 않고 매장에서 제품을 구입할 수 있습니다. 참고로, 현재 소비세는 일본 제품의 가격의 8 %입니다 .


About Japan. Tax Free Shop

We are the Designated Shop.

We have also been authorized by National Tax Agency through The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan as the Designated Shop for Tax Exemption Purchase for Foreign Establishments.
You can purchase without consumption tax through the special procedure if you have your identification card to receive tax exemption published by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Please bring our store your ID and the tax-free-card with you.


Guidance of retail store in Osaka

Company Name Kyoei Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Address 2-9-18 shibata kita-Ku Osaka-shi Osaka 530-0012
Phone +81-6-6375-9701 : Japanese Operator
Facsimile +81-6-6375-9703
Regular Holiday Sunday and New Year Holiday
Business hours We are open from 10:00AM to 7:00PM on Monday through Saturday

About us

Welcome to KYOEI website!

KYOEI (The formal company name: KYOEI SANGYO Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1959, and enjoys a high reputation as one of the leading astronomical telescope retailers in Japan. KYOEI has two retail stores in Tokyo and Osaka, as well as a factory in Osaka manufacturing the observatory domes and our original products for professional and serious amateur astronomers.

Retail store in Tokyo: www.kyoei-tokyo.jp
Retail store in Osaka: www.kyoei-osaka.jp
Factory in Osaka: www.kyoei-dome.com

Kyoei-Tokyo is located at very convenient place in the center of Tokyo. Please stop by our store when you visit Tokyo for business or travel. The store is near Akihabara railway station, and is located with a distance of about 10 minutes by train from Imperial Palace and Tokyo railway station.

Kyoei-Osaka is located at just convenient place where it's a several minutes' walk from Osaka Railway Station. Please stop by our store when you visited to Osaka city or other Kansai area including Kyoto, Nara and Kobe. Many railway lines can bring you to Osaka station within half an hour from these attractive cities for sightseeing.

Kyoei-Dome is located in suburbs of Osaka city where is a distance of about 40 km or 25 miles from Kyoei-Osaka. We have started to manufacture the observatory domes in 1985 there. We have supplied a lot of observatories to the amateur astronomers, universities, National Observatories and other research organizations.

All our three stores have their own website as above mentioned which leads you to our skilled staffs in each store. Our website is open twenty-four hours a day for your shopping.

We are the Tax-Free stores approved by Japan Tax Office. You can purchase the products in our stores without paying Japan's Consumption Tax if you show us your passport and you are identified as non-resident in Japan. For your reference, please check the FAQs of the Tax-free shopping.

You can also purchase our products in the same condition through KYOEI-OSAKA website. For your information, please check the FAQs of international orders before placing firm order.


Central DS社 60D-FMご購入のお客様へご案内 (再掲)


下記シリアル番号を持つ CentralDS 60D-FM を探しています。





連絡先 : 富山県警察本部捜査第一課  担当:竹林 TEL076-441-2211



FAX:06-6375-9703 【24時間受付】
大阪市北区芝田2丁目9-18 NITTO梅田ビル1F
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  • 買取り・下取り査定お申込み書」に必要事項をご記入の上(代金お振込み先の銀行名・支店名・口座番号・口座名義(お振込先は、ご本人様名義の口座に限ります))、商品に添えて下記宛先までお送りください。


  • 下取りとして査定金額を新規ご購入代金に充当される場合は、「商品お申込み書」もご記入ください。



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協栄産業株式会社 大阪店
〒530-0012 大阪市北区芝田2丁目9-18
買取り・下取り査定お申込み書「査定お申込み商品」欄 記入例
協栄産業株式会社 大阪店
大阪市北区芝田2丁目9-18 Tel:06-6375-9701 Fax:06-6375-9703
営業時間: 10:00〜19:00 日曜定休(土曜日・祝日は営業いたします。)


会社概要・店舗案内|→ 沿革|→ 店舗マップ


( 詳細地図を確認 → Googleマップ  ナビタイム

店先に普通車1台程度のスペースがございますのでショーウィンドウにしっかり幅寄せしてご駐車ください(道路にはみ出すと駐車違反となります)。 あいてない場合は大変申し訳ございませんが近隣パーキングをご利用くださいませ。

お店の目の前のタイムズさん 240台収容の立駐リパークさん



地下鉄をご利用の場合 (徒歩約5分)



JR大阪駅です。 JR大阪駅御堂筋北口を
地下鉄御堂筋線方面のエスカレーターを下りてください。 茶屋町方面へ進んでください。
ヨドバシカメラさん前の御堂筋線5号出口からエスカレーターを昇り地上に出て下さい。 地上に出たらファーストキッチンを目指して北に進み、横断歩道を渡って左に曲がってください。 ハイボールバー梅田1923さん、
そして更に進み… いらっしゃいませ!右手にKYOEI大阪店がございます。


会社名 協栄産業株式会社
住所 〒530−0012 大阪市北区芝田2-9-18
TEL 06−6375−9701
FAX 06−6375−9703
定休日 日曜日 (土曜日・祝日は営業致します。)
営業時間 10:00 〜 19:00

沿 革

・昭和34年5月 協栄産業株式会社設立
・昭和46年4月 光学機器の専門商社として大阪店を開設
・昭和59年7月 同東京店を開設
・昭和60年3月 天体観測施設の研究のため大原天文台・研究所を開設
・平成元年4月 大原工場を増設。デジカメアダプター等オリジナル製品を開発
・平成7年5月 大阪店が現在地(梅田)へ移転
・平成10年11月 東京店が現在地(秋葉原)へ移転





お支払回数 12回払 24回払 36回払 48回払 60回払 72回払 84回払
  • 【対象商品】 当店取扱い全商品
  • 【分割回数】 3〜84回払い ボーナス併用払いも可能です
  • 【対象金額】 まとめて54000円以上
ご利用例 1)『Kowa TSN-884 直視型プロミナーモデル』12回払いの場合
○合計お支払総額:198,000円 +7,477円 = 205,477円
○初回のお支払い:17,377円 × 1回
○月々のお支払い:17,100円 × 11回
ご利用例 2)『スワロフスキー STS80HD 他一式40万円』48回払いの場合
○商品代金: 400,000円
○初回のお支払い:12,377円 × 1回
○月々のお支払い:9,500円 × 47回


分割回数 金利(実質年率) 分割回数 金利(実質年率)
3回 6.9% 24回 6.9%
6回 6.9% 30回 6.9%
10回 6.9% 36回 6.9%
12回 6.9% 42回 6.9%
15回 6.9% 48回 6.9%
18回 6.9% 54回 6.9%
20回 6.9% 60回 6.9%
  • ※お支払いは翌月より、毎月27日の銀行引き落としです。
  • ※ご利用には信販会社の審査が必要となります。店頭申し込みの場合は身分証明書(免許証・保険証など)をご持参下さい。
  • ※商品の配送は信販会社からの承認後となります。
  • ※その他ショッピングクレジットに関する詳細はオリコホームページ「メール送信タイプ:クリックオン」をご確認ください。
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募集職種 光学機器専門店スタッフ
仕事内容 バードウオッチング・天体観測など、自然観察用機材の店頭販売・通信販売をしているお店です。
入荷検品、商品出荷、ご来店されるお客様への商品説明、店頭POPの作成やディスプレイの飾りつけ、PCデータ入力、機材のお手入れ、売り場のお掃除や整頓、電話・店頭・インターネットでの受注等・・・、様々な店舗業務のアシストをしていただきます。 業務内容は広範にわたりますが除々に幅を広げていってください。 適性に応じてWEB業務に携わることも可能です。
応募資格 経験・未経験不問
  • 高卒以上 
  • 天体観測やバードウオッチングに関心のある方
  • フレッシュで明るい接客が出来る方
  • 赤道儀など高価で重い荷物を安全に運べる方

雇用形態 アルバイト
  • 即日〜長期
  • 採用時から最低3ヶ月以上来られる方(採用当初、試用期間をみて契約更新いたします)
  • 10:00〜19:00(昼休み交代制60分)、日曜日定休(但しフェスなどのイベント出展で年数回の日曜勤務あり)
  • 週2〜5日程度(シフト制)
  • 全勤のほか、早番10:00-15:00/遅番14:00-19:00を組み合わせて勤務可能 
  • 勤務日程 / 上記以外の勤務時間の指定については応相談
  • 6時間以内勤務の日は、休憩60分または休憩なしを選択可能です
勤務地 うめきた(グランフロント大阪)と茶屋町のあいだ、芝田2丁目。

ネイチャーショップKYOEI 大阪店 地図

時給1000円 / 研修期間(週2日以上勤務で3ヶ月)950円


・出荷作業などで商品に触れながら徐々に覚えていってください。 まずはお気軽にお問い合わせください! 

応募方法 まずは下記宛にお電話いただくか、履歴書(写貼)を郵送またはメールにてお送り下さい。書類選考の上、面接日程をご連絡します。

大阪市北区芝田2-9-18 協栄産業(株) 採用担当
TEL 06-6375-9701 email


送料 代引手数料 配達日時 お支払方法

送料:本州・四国・九州全域 630円(税込)、北海道・沖縄 945円(税込)


北海道・沖縄 900円(税抜)、その他全国(本州・四国・九州) 600円(税抜)、をご負担願います。




只今代引手数料無料キャンペーン実施中! 商品合計5,000円(税抜)以上で、手数料0円!! 5,000円(税抜)未満の場合は、300円(税抜)頂戴します。



翌日<午前中>配達可能地域 関東全域・信越全域・北陸全域・中部全域・関西全域・中国全域・四国全域・福岡県
翌日配達可能地域 岩手県・宮城県・山形県・福島県・佐賀県・長崎県の一部・熊本県・大分県・宮崎県・鹿児島県の一部
翌々日配達可能地域 北海道・青森県・秋田県・長崎県の一部・鹿児島県の一部・沖縄県

※ただし、離島・遠隔地など例外があります。 詳しくはこちらのPDFファイル(サイズ:約4.6MB)をご覧ください。

  • 三菱UFJ銀行 梅田支店
    当座 0307676 協栄産業株式会社
  • りそな銀行 梅田支店
    普通 2309587 協栄産業株式会社
【振替口座】 00970-7-89182
【加入者名】 協栄産業株式会社
低金利分割払い (オリコ) ※ペーパーレスのオンライン審査完了後、出荷いたします。
合計 50,000円(税抜)からご利用頂けます。

【お支払回数】 1回/2回/3回/4回/5回/6回/10回/12回/15回/18回/20回/24回 リボ払い
(※ネイチャーショップKYOEI リアル店舗 店頭ではDINERS,JCB,AMEXもご利用頂けます)