We are the Tax-Free store

We are the Tax-Free store approved by Japan Tax Office.
You can purchase the products in our stores without paying Japanese Consumption Tax if you show us your passport and you are identified as non-resident in Japan. For your reference, the current Consumption Tax is 10% of the price of products in Japan.


我们已通过日本税务局的免税商店。 如果你告诉我们,你的护照和你认定为非居住在日本,你可以购买的产品在我们的商店无需支付日本消费税。供大家参考,当前消费税是对产品在日本的售价为10%.

우리는 일본 국세청의 승인을 면세 상점입니다. 당신이 우리에게 여권을 제시하고 일본에서 비거주자로 확인하는 경우에는 일본의 소비세를 지불하지 않고 매장에서 제품을 구입할 수 있습니다. 참고로, 현재 소비세는 일본 제품의 가격의 10 %입니다 .


About Japan. Tax Free Shop

We are the Designated Shop.

We have also been authorized by National Tax Agency through The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan as the Designated Shop for Tax Exemption Purchase for Foreign Establishments.
You can purchase without consumption tax through the special procedure if you have your identification card to receive tax exemption published by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Please bring our store your ID and the tax-free-card with you.


Guidance of retail store in Osaka

Company Name Kyoei Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Address 2-9-18 shibata kita-Ku Osaka-shi Osaka 530-0012
Phone +81-6-6375-9701 : Japanese Operator
Facsimile +81-6-6375-9703
Regular Holiday Sundays, Saturdays and New Year's Holiday
Business hours We are open from 10:00AM to 5:00PM on Monday through Friday

About us

Welcome to KYOEI website!

KYOEI (The formal company name: KYOEI SANGYO Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1959, and enjoys a high reputation as one of the leading astronomical telescope retailers in Japan. KYOEI has two retail stores in Tokyo and Osaka, as well as a factory in Osaka manufacturing the observatory domes and our original products for professional and serious amateur astronomers.

Retail store in Tokyo: www.kyoei-tokyo.jp
Retail store in Osaka: www.kyoei-osaka.jp
Factory in Osaka: www.kyoei-dome.com

Kyoei-Tokyo is located at very convenient place in the center of Tokyo. Please stop by our store when you visit Tokyo for business or travel. The store is near Akihabara railway station, and is located with a distance of about 10 minutes by train from Imperial Palace and Tokyo railway station.

Kyoei-Osaka is located at just convenient place where it's a several minutes' walk from Osaka Railway Station. Please stop by our store when you visited to Osaka city or other Kansai area including Kyoto, Nara and Kobe. Many railway lines can bring you to Osaka station within half an hour from these attractive cities for sightseeing.

Kyoei-Dome is located in suburbs of Osaka city where is a distance of about 40 km or 25 miles from Kyoei-Osaka. We have started to manufacture the observatory domes in 1985 there. We have supplied a lot of observatories to the amateur astronomers, universities, National Observatories and other research organizations.

All our three stores have their own website as above mentioned which leads you to our skilled staffs in each store. Our website is open twenty-four hours a day for your shopping.

We are the Tax-Free stores approved by Japan Tax Office. You can purchase the products in our stores without paying Japan's Consumption Tax if you show us your passport and you are identified as non-resident in Japan. For your reference, please check the FAQs of the Tax-free shopping.

ー For the international customers considering to visit our shop in Osaka.ー
We will give priority to the customers with reservations. If you have any questions regarding technical issues, please contact us via email beforehand or we cannot give you the suitable answers. Please let us know the following issues via email in advance if you consider purchasing on our Osaka shop.

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We can hold the “in stock” items for 2 weeks. Please contact us again if you couldn’t see any reply from us for a week after you sent an email

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You can also purchase our products in the same condition through KYOEI-OSAKA website. For your information, please check the FAQs of international orders before placing firm order.