FAQ about International Orders

1. Do you ship the products to overseas?

Yes, we can ship our original products and most of the products we deal to most countries. But we do not ship the Takahashi products to the US.

2. How do I place the order?

You could place the order through our shopping cart system in international mode. Please add the item(s) you prefer to the cart and select international mode.

3. What time is your business hours?

Our store is open from 10:00AM to 5:00PM (JST) on Monday through Friday, except New Year Holiday and summer holydays, but closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

4. Is international order free shipping charge?

No, the international order is not free shipping charge. The subtotal amount on the shopping cart haven't included the shipping charge yet. We will useWe will request you a payment for TOTAL amount that includes shipping fee in a few days after you placed the order on the shopping cart. DHL for oversea shipment. The rough estimate of the DHL fee can be found here. Please know that we will apply the transit insurance by DHL essencially if the total price of your order will be over 400,000JPY.

5. Is there the lowest ordering price?

Yes, the lowest ordering price of products for all international customers is JYen50,000 per order. We don't accept your order once the total amount of the products price is under JPY50,000.
If you and we reach an agreement for some reasons such as the addtional order for the previous orders, we can accept your order whose amount is less than JYen50,000, but we will make a claim of the difference between JYen50,000 and the amount of your purchasing price of products that is as The Handling Charge.

6. When do I have to pay the amount?

You should make the payment within 3 days after receiving our email showing the total amount including the cost for the products and all other additional charges.

7. Should I pay the Japanese consumption tax?

No, the international orders are Tax Free either at retail store or on website. For your reference, the current Consumption Tax is 10% of the price of the products in Japan.

8. Do I have to pay any customs clearance fee or duties in my country?

Yes, please note that you are responsible for any taxes, duties or processing fees in your country associated with your shipment(s). Please know that we can't mention regarding a law and an ordinance in your country so you should look over them to determine your purchasing by yourself. Even if your items have no import duty, there is a possibility that our carrier DHL will charge you some customs-related administrative fees. For example, US customers might be charged around $50 USD or more in customs-related administrative fees if your items are recongized as over $2500 USD valued in the US Customs even though there is no actual import duty for telescopes and binoculars imported into the US. Actually a recent customer was charged around $50 USD in customs-related administrative fees when he imported binoculars (price:JPY603,000) to the US. Of note, the customs-related administrative fees may vary by country. If these charges are of concern to you, we suggest you contact DHL before placing your order to find out what their customs-related administrative fees might be (in addition to any actual import duty charges your country might impose). If you do decide to purchase from us, you should plan to remit payment for the fee to DHL immediately or your items will not be delivered to you.

9. How do you ship the order?

We will ship your items via DHL. We do not use any other services such as FedEx, UPS, EMS and TNT.

10. Can I get the tracking number?

Yes, we will send you the shipping information including the tracking number as soon as we ship your items to you.

11. How can I pay?

We will accept PayPal or Bank Wire Transfer only. PayPal will be useful with using credit cards. Bank Wire such as TransferWise would reqire cheap fee with good exchange rate. We cannot accept any other payment method, e.g. bank check, personal check, etc.

12. How do I pay via PayPal?
You need to own the account of PayPal as a precondition. The PayPal account you can use is just one you own. The shipping address should agree with what is registered on your PayPal account to let the products be covered with the insurance. Please let us know if you prefer to use PayPal, we will send you a request of PayPal payment.

13. How do I pay via Bank Wire Transfer?
Please select the "OUR"(Applicant) instruction in the SWIFT instructions. The "OUR" instruction means that you will pay all the transfer charges, includes the fee of the Japan's bank. Then we will receive all your payment. If you can select only "SHA"(Share) instead of "OUR", that is, you can pay the bank fee of only your country, please add JYen1500 on your invoice price because it will cost us JYen1500 as "the Charge of Inward Remittances". If the bank in your country is not based on "SWIFT", please ask your bank and select the local payment method which has the same feature.

14. Can I place a special order?

Yes, we welcome the special order of the product that is not in our stock. However we will make a claim 20% deposit of the price of the product. Please note that the deposit would not be refunded once you prefer to cancel the order later. The balance should be settled after we inform you that the product is ready to ship.

15. How long does it take to ship the order?
We will ship your order in 3-5 business days after your payment is completed. You could receive our shipping schedule if the shipment delayed.

16. How should I do if I received the products damaged?

We will pack the products carefully, and the shipment will be covered by the insurance. If the ordered products reached to you in a damaged condition, please contact to DHL in your area immediately, then contact us by the email as soon as possible. This procedure is necessary for you to be applied to the insurance.

17. How should I do if the wrong products reached?

In the case that you received the wrong products or the defective one, please contact us by an email without delay. We will make a sincere effort to solve the problem. However please agree that there are some possibilities you see the slight scratches and the dusts on the products that are recognized as what won't affect bad influence to use.
Please know that you might see your telescopes appear some debris inside of the lens ellements but we recognize such items as the quality products because all items are passed the inspection by the manufacturer. The international customers may meet the debris much than domestic customers because some debris can move from the hidden side such as edge of cell due to hard vibration or changes in atomospheric pressure during international transit. It is unfortunate but please accept the unavoidable issues. Also each products may have slightly difference in cosmetic condition such as metal's polish or leather/rubber's texture. We will recognize such items as the quality products.
In the case you felt some doubt regarding the accuracy or the collimation of the products, requiring the cleaning or unfortunately you met some initial failures, we will welcome rechecking or cleaning it if you send it back to us with paying the shipping fees in your expense.

18. How should I do if I need repair or any other customer services?

You have to send the items to us in your expense once you need repair, recall or other customer services. Please know that the items we sell won't be supported by any dealers and distributors in your country. The international shipping fee won't be very cheap. We would like to suggest that you should consider regarding such disadvantages in the international shopping before you place the order to us.

19. Can I return the products to you?

Yes, you could send back the products to us under YOUR expense within SEVEN DAYS after receiving products UNLESS the products used, with or without the defects. However shipping cost for sending back to Japan should be paid by the customers, might be not reasonable as in the domestic dealing. We would like to suggest that you should consider regarding the disadvantage of the international dealing beforehand enough.

20. I am just out of Japan now. Can I order without paying Japan's tax and specify my home or office in Japan as the shipping address?
No, this purchasing will be recognized as a domestic dealing because the last address is in Japan. So you have to pay the consumption tax whether the address is yours, your friend's or the hotel's. If you agree this condition, please order the items in the domestic mode of our shopping cart system. We are sorry, we see that the cards from overseas are sometimes not accepted smoothly on our system because this settlement system is designed for the domestic, we think.

--- About the Tax-free shopping at our retail store ----

21. I am going to visit Japan. Can I purchase at your physical retail store without paying Japan's consumption tax?

Yes, we are the Tax-free store approved by Japan Tax Office. You can purchase products at our retail store without paying the consumption tax through the correct procedure of Tax-free.

22. How would my purchasing be applied as the Tax-free?

You have to be a temporary visitor to Japan as the precondition. It is not eligible if you have been staying in Japan more than six months or working in Japan. Please refer to the site of "The Japan Tax-Free", then bring our store your passport with you. An acceptable passport is not a copy or the other person's, but only an actual yours.

23. Can you hold the item for me?
Yes. We can hold the " in stock" items for you if your visiting schedule is within 2 weeks. However please know that we cannot accept the items reservation if you request it earlier than 2weeks ago than your visiting date. For your information we hold the items within a week for the domestic customers but hold them 2 weeks for the international customers with considering your traveling. Please understand that this is our best to balance sustaining our sales opportunity and the customer service for you.
We cannot transfer any items to another branch such as our Tokyo store.

24. How can I pay?
The payment methods at our retail store are Cash and Cards. We welcome JPY only. We are sorry we cannot accept USD or any other currencies. We honor the Credit Cards including VISA, Mastercard, Amex, Diners, JCB, Discover and UnionPay.

25. I am just in Japan but have no time to stop by your shop. Could you apply my order the Tax-free by the Cash on Delivery to my Hotel in Japan?
No, the Cash on Delivery is not allowed as the method of the Tax-free shopping. Please stop by our store because we have to check your actual passport directly if you would prefer the order applied the Tax-free.

26. How should I do if I need repair service?

You have to send the items to us in your expense once you need repairing or other customer services. Please know that items we sell won't be supported by any dealers and distributors in your country. The international shipping fee won't be very cheap. We would like to suggest that you should consider regarding such disadvantages for the international shopping

More details of the Tax-free shopping at our retail store can be found here.

Can I ask other questions to you?

Yes, please do not hesitate to ask us by email if you have any questions. Thank you !

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