Step 1:
Add to Cart

Please select the products and quantities, then click "Add to Cart".

Step 2:
Japanese to English

Please select “English” on the upper right in the cart page so that you will enter to the export mode.

Step 3:
Order Contents

Please read notes and check our policy carefully.

check out

Step 4:

Please click "Check out" botton after you agreed our policy completely.

Step 5:
Billing Address

English is the only language in this mode. French, Spanish, German, Chinese or even Japanese and any other languages are not acceptable. Please fill the required fields carefully in English. In particular please make sure that your email address is correct.

Step 6:
Payment Method

Please choice PayPal or Bank wire as your payment method then click "Next". If the total amount is under 50000JPY, you cannot find any options as your payment method because we have a 50000JPY order minimum.

Step 7:
Confirm order contents

If there are no mistakes, please click "Make an order".

Step 8:
Thank you for your order

When order entry is complete, a screen similar to the one on the left will appear.

Step 9: Order Confirmation Email

You will get the automatic transmission email like below in a few minutes.
If you couldn't receive this email, please contact to us.